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Why You Should Consider Tiburon Naples Florida Golf Course Real Estate

Posted by: | Posted on: December 26, 2017

One of the nicest private country clubs in Naples is Tiburon Golf Club. This is a community that has been integrated within 800 acres of land in central Naples. It has beautiful condominiums, single-family homes, villas and luxury estates. It is the perfect location for those that want the absolute best when it comes to golf, luxury, and location. Many businesses are close by including stores, hospitals, schools and five-star hotels in case you have visitors that will come to see you. They have condominiums that you may want to consider if this is your first time moving into one of these gated communities.You could find out more information

What Makes Tiburon So Unique?

What makes this particular country club so unique is the setting. Freshwater lakes, natural preserves, and unique design make this stand out from all the rest. It’s perfect for families, retirees, or even individuals that enjoy a country club lifestyle. You are close enough to beaches and good restaurants where you can travel there in just a few minutes to enjoy getting a tan or food, or you can take a boat out onto the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Tiburon Golf And Country Club

This is one of the most expensive golf clubs in Naples. It is where people meet before playing golf on one of the two Greg Norman designed golf courses. It is a total of 27,000 square feet, containing gourmet restaurants, pubs, and also places for casual dining. There are golf and tennis pro shop where you can get all of your equipment, locker rooms, a fitness center, and a place where you can do your weight training. Also contained within the country club are places where Pilates, yoga and even Zumba is practiced. While you are at the country club, you can book Segway golf carts which were some of the first that were ever used over a decade ago, plus there are people that can teach you how to play golf whether you are in school, or if you are an adult.

Golf Courses At Tiburon

These are two of unique golf courses in Naples. These were both designed by pro golfer Greg Norman. There is The Gold Course which was the first one that was opened back in 1998. It has many bunkers that make this one of the toughest courses available. There are water hazards in the form of ponds and freshwater lakes. By comparison, this course is the easy one. The other is The Black Course which was opened up in 2001 and is slightly more challenging with coquina waste bunkers, greenside bunkers, and many other complexities that make getting par for the course extremely challenging.

What Are The Available Membership Fees

Membership fees begin at $60,000 along with $10,000 membership dues. There is a $25,000 social membership fee with annual dues, but there are no food and beverage fees required. The total number of golf membership fees is 350. What is unique about Tiburon is that there are 650 homes. This means that only half of the people that live there have a golf membership, which is good news for those that regularly play golf. The high price for the membership fee provides exclusivity, as does the price of the real estate.

How Much Does Real Estate Cost At Tiburon?

The cost of real estate is slightly higher than most other country clubs. It begins at $1.1 million for a single-family home. You can get a condo for $400,000, but if you want the absolute best luxury estate, this is priced at $9 million. As you can see, the price of these homes will keep this community very exclusive. The limited number of golf memberships will ensure that you will get a tee time. It is a community that is certainly designed for those that are affluent, and also individuals that are not looking for the most challenging golf course available.

How Can You Find Out About Real Estate At Tiburon?

By speaking with a representative of a local real estate company, you should be able to get calls whenever property from this location comes up. It is not rare that homes come available, except for those that are extremely expensive. You should be able to get into either a condo or a single-family home without any problems at all. You do need to be working with a realtor that has done this many times before and can use their experience to help you get a great house in this golf community.

Tiburon is most certainly one of the best golf communities in the Naples area. It is quite expensive, but exclusive, which is why so many people want to live there. If you can purchase a home at these price points, or even a condominium, you will be more than happy with your investment. It is a very well designed facility, and once you have your membership and a place to live, you will not regret either of these decisions.

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